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Find a wide range of semi-hermetic compressors, particularly from the Bitzer brand, at the best price.

Semi-hermetic compressors are important components used in refrigeration and air conditioning systems. They differ from hermetic and open compressors by their specific design and their particular advantages.

Here are some features and benefits of semi-hermetic compressors:

  1. Robust design: Semi-hermetic compressors have a more robust construction compared to hermetic compressors. They are generally designed for use in more demanding industrial applications.

  2. Maintenance and repair: One of the most important advantages of semi-hermetic compressors is that they can be opened for maintenance and repairs. This allows technicians to replace faulty parts, repair leaks, or even rebuild the compressor, which can extend the useful life of the equipment.

  3. Modulation capacity: Some semi-hermetic compressors are designed to allow capacity modulation, meaning they can adjust their cooling output based on actual needs. This can help save energy by avoiding continuous operation at full capacity.

  4. Power and flexibility: Semi-hermetic compressors are often used in large refrigeration and air conditioning systems, where high levels of power and flexibility are required.

  5. Industrial applications: They are commonly used in areas such as commercial refrigeration, industrial refrigeration, large space air conditioning, cold rooms, etc.

  6. Variety of refrigerants: Semi-hermetic compressors are available in different configurations to work with a variety of refrigerants, making them versatile and adaptable to different refrigeration needs and regulations.

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