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The expansion valve regulates the flow of refrigerant fluid at the evaporator inlet .

The regulator allows the pressure in the circuit between the condenser and the evaporator to be lowered.

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Regulate refrigerant pressure with our quality regulators

Refrigerant fluid regulators play an essential role in the refrigeration circuit by regulating the pressure of the fluid. This regulation is crucial to ensure optimal operation of cold rooms and other refrigeration installations. In our online store, we provide you with a selection of high quality regulators, designed to offer precise and reliable regulation of the refrigerant fluid.

Ensure compatibility with your refrigeration installation

Each refrigeration installation is unique, with specific needs in terms of refrigerant regulation. That's why our catalog offers a variety of regulators, suitable for different types of cold rooms, air conditioning systems, heat pumps, and more. You will easily find the regulator compatible with your installation for optimal performance.

Optimize the energy efficiency of your refrigeration system

Energy efficiency is a major issue in the field of refrigeration. An efficient refrigerant regulator helps minimize the energy consumption of your refrigeration system while maintaining optimal cooling performance. By opting for our quality regulators, you can improve the energy efficiency of your installation and save on your operating costs.

Reliable performance for efficient refrigeration

Precise regulation of the refrigerant ensures efficient and stable refrigeration. Our expansion valves are designed to maintain the refrigerant fluid at the correct pressure, thus promoting optimal heat exchange in the evaporator. Thanks to their reliability, our regulators ensure constant and homogeneous refrigeration, thus preserving the freshness of your products stored in cold rooms.

Find the refrigerant regulator that suits your needs

Browse our site to discover our range of refrigerant regulators and find the one that perfectly suits your installation. Take advantage of our quality products, our expertise in the refrigeration field, and ensure optimal operation of your cold room or other refrigeration system.