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Ebm-Papst: the world leader in the manufacturing of fans and motors

The ebm-papst company specializes in the manufacturing and marketing of professional fans (aeraulics and drive systems.)

Ebm-papst fans equip a significant number of professional devices and industrial systems requiring efficient and reliable cooling parts. One of the strengths of the Ebm-papst brand is to offer solutions whatever the power range and ventilation application. The products combine engine technology, aerodynamics and electronics, for incomparable efficiency. The brand's development approach is particularly focused on the notion of eco-energy and energy efficiency. Indeed, in the refrigeration sector, fans can be used 24 hours a day: in this context, any operating savings immediately translate into real savings on your energy bills.

In addition to fans, the Ebm-papst brand also offers electronic components (home automation), unique modular drive systems, pumps, etc.

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How to choose your ebm-papst fan?

A fan is chosen according to the surface to be cooled, the type of equipment, the surface available for the fan, and the distribution of heat zones. If you are looking to replace your fan with a new model, we advise you to select the same reference as your original part. This will make it easier for you to install it in your fridge, cold room or air conditioner. The ebm-papst axial/helical type fan is often used for refrigerators and spaces requiring relatively uniform cooling. If, on the other hand, you need the ventilated air to be directed to a more specific element or into ducts you will need air with more pressure, and in this case it is generally a radial (centrifugal) fan that you will use. Without forgetting the tangential fan with its characteristic elongated shape of low height with large homogeneous air flow rates, generally used for air conditioners and heaters.