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Repair your refrigeration equipment quickly and easily with professional refrigerator fans. In this section you will find the market leaders such as Ebm-past, Coprel, Ziehl-Abegg, etc. We offer you a wide selection which will allow you to find your axial fan, radial fan or tangential fan, as well as your motor. fan. If you need information or cannot find your reference, contact our customer service. You will find in particular a very large part of the Ebm-papst fan catalog.

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What is the difference between axial fan, centrifugal fan and tangential fan?

There are mainly three types of professional fans. These are the axial (or helical) fan on the one hand, the centrifugal (radial) fan on the other hand and the tangential fan. Their role is generally identical (allowing the cooling and distribution of a flow of cooled air in a space). However, their design differs and allows different uses which will better correspond to your needs depending on the case.

The principle of the axial fan is based on blades (hence its helical name) which rotate around an axis, generally driven by a motor. Air is drawn in at one end and discharged at the other, parallel to the axis. This means that the airflow is distributed evenly across the entire system area. This type of fan is said to produce cooled air of large volume at low pressure. This type of fan is often found in refrigerators where they circulate the cooled air. The larger the volume of the axial fan, the larger the ventilated surface area can be.

The centrifugal fan absorbs air but expels it through a 90° channel. These systems put the air under pressure like a funnel. The air comes out over a smaller surface than at the entrance but more forcefully. These systems are called low volume, high pressure. They are particularly used to cool targeted areas of a system more likely to rise in temperature or when air must be sent into ducts or pipes (for example in air conditioning).

The tangential fan has a specific shape and its air intake is wider than a conventional fan. It is very frequently found in air conditioners. They are low pressure.