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Cold room closing and fridge closing

Frigo Spare Parts presents the selection of closures for professional cold rooms and refrigerators

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- Our door closures and hinges for cold rooms guarantee a perfect seal, thus making it possible to maintain a constant temperature inside the cold room.

- Ensure the quality of the material used for optimal durability, and opt for ease of installation in order to save time when installing closures and hinges.

- Choose from a variety of hinges and fixings in stainless steel, brass, stainless steel and other materials, to meet the specific needs of your cold room.

Optimal sealing

Make sure the cold room stays tightly closed with our high-quality closures and hinges. These essential parts guarantee a perfect seal, thus avoiding any infiltration of outside air and maintaining the internal temperature of the cold room constant.

Security and Sustainability

Our door latches and hinges are designed to withstand the rigorous conditions of cold storage, ensuring long-term durability. You can count on the quality of the material used to maintain the safety of your products stored in the cold room.

Ease of Installation

Save time when installing our door closers and hinges. Choose from our fixing and material options for easy installation, allowing you to quickly enjoy a functional cold room.