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Find the right temperature regulator for your fridge and cold room

Browse our site to discover our selection of regulators for fridges and cold rooms. Whether you need an analog or digital controller, a thermostat or a programmable temperature controller, you will find the product with us that perfectly meets your thermal control needs. Opt for our quality regulators and ensure the freshness of your food in all circumstances.

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We have organized this section to allow you to benefit from a wide choice of fridge and thermostat regulators. You can notably access our selection of Carel regulators , references from Danfoss and the Dixell brand . We also distribute ELIWELL, EVCO regulators and thermostats and LAE refrigeration products . Finally we have a section specially dedicated to the purchase of electronic cards (regulator/thermostat) for fridges and cold rooms .

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Control the temperature of your fridge with precision

Precise control of the temperature inside the fridge is essential to ensure optimal food preservation. Our fridge and cold room controllers are designed to offer you careful temperature management, allowing you to maintain an ideal environment for your perishable goods. Thanks to our selection of regulators, you can adjust the temperature according to your specific needs, guaranteeing the freshness of your products.

Temperature range adapted to your storage needs

Each type of food has different storage requirements in terms of temperature. This is why we offer fridge regulators with a varied temperature range. Whether you need to maintain a low temperature for frozen products or a slightly positive temperature for fresh foods, our controllers allow you to choose the ideal temperature range for your storage needs.

Ease of installation for easy use

We know that installing a fridge regulator should be simple and practical. That's why our products are designed for easy installation, with clear instructions to guide you through the process. In addition, our regulators feature user-friendly interfaces, making their use intuitive and accessible to everyone.

Ensure optimal preservation of your food

How well your food is preserved depends largely on controlling the temperature inside the fridge. Our regulators allow you to maintain a stable and constant temperature, thus avoiding fluctuations that could alter the freshness of your products. With our reliable regulators, you can be assured that your food is preserved in the best conditions.