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Cold room strikes and fridge strikes for professional refrigeration equipment

Frigo Spare Parts presents the selection of strikes for cold rooms and refrigerators.

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Resistant and efficient cold room strikes

Cold room strikes play an essential role in the proper functioning of your refrigeration installation. They are designed to keep the doors closed securely, thus guaranteeing optimal thermal insulation inside the cold room. In our online store, we offer you a selection of strikes specially chosen for their resistance and reliability, in order to meet the requirements of the most demanding refrigeration environments.

Quality materials for lasting performance

We understand the importance of choosing cold room strikes made from high quality materials. This is why we collaborate with brands recognized for their expertise in the field of refrigeration equipment. Our strikes are designed to withstand intense cold conditions, temperature variations and intensive daily use. You can therefore count on their robustness for lasting performance.

Compatibility with different types of cold room doors

Cold rooms come in different configurations, with doors of varying sizes and designs. It is therefore essential to choose strikes compatible with the type of door you are using. Our catalog offers a wide range of cold room strikes, suitable for sliding doors, swing doors and other closing systems. You will easily find the strike plate that fits your installation perfectly.

Ensure the safety and thermal insulation of your cold room

Safety and thermal insulation are fundamental aspects in the proper functioning of your cold room. Faulty strikes could compromise these two essential aspects, leading to loss of energy and deterioration of stored products. By opting for our quality strikes, you ensure hermetic closure of your cold room, thus preserving the freshness of your food and contributing to the control of the cold chain.

Additional accessories for a successful installation

In addition to our selection of cold room strikes, we also offer additional accessories to facilitate the installation and use of these parts. Locks, handles, seals, we provide you with everything you need for successful installation and easy use of your cold room.