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The monobloc refrigeration unit is an essential element of your refrigeration installation. Whether it is a cold room, a refrigerated trailer, display cases with a cold preservation system,... the monobloc refrigeration unit is the centerpiece in the production of cold. You will find on our site a wide range of new refrigeration units from the biggest brands to replace your defective monobloc unit.

The monobloc refrigeration unit interacts several parts which will allow the production and maintenance of the appropriate temperature, both in positive cold and in negative cold. The choice of the Monobloc group is made according to the types of products to be preserved (food, drinks, medicines, etc.) and the surface area of ​​your refrigerated space. You will find in particular refrigeration unit systems from the Zanotti brand. Do not hesitate to contact our team for a specific reference.

There are in particular 2 main types of refrigeration units: the horse-mounted refrigeration unit and the remote refrigeration unit. In the first case the unit is installed on a panel of the cold room, the compressor and the condenser are outside while the evaporator is inside the cold room (perfect for large spaces). In the second, the group is generally outside the cold room.

If the size of the room and its volume are priority criteria for choosing a monobloc cold unit, you must also take into account the quality of the room's insulation which will generate variable cooling power. The desired temperature is also a real criterion which will affect the power of the device. The needs are different depending on whether your device is intended for the storage of meat, fish, vegetables, etc. You will also take into account the frequency of opening of the doors which can lead to a more or less significant loss of cold, the energy consumption of the device and the noise generated by it.

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