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Fridge and cold room compressor

The fridge compressor is an essential part in the process of creating cold in your refrigerator or cold room. The true “heart” of the system, it is heavily used and is one of the parts that can fail. Compressing the refrigerant ensures the cooling of your fridge. When you choose a spare part fridge compressor (see our dedicated guide ) it is important to select it according to the appliance for which it is intended. Energy efficiency and performance are important criteria, as well as cooling capacity.

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We advise you to choose compressors from a recognized brand in order to improve the efficiency and durability of this essential part of your fridge.

There are several types of refrigerator compression devices, piston (the most common) or spiral, open, completely or partially hermetic, etc. Each device has its advantages and disadvantages and can have power characteristics that are more or less suitable for the use you need. If you are not a specialist, it is best to carry out a standard replacement: retrieve the references of your current compressor on its identification label and select the same compressor model to be sure of compatibility.

We detail the role of the compressor in a fridge further down on this page.

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What is the role of a compressor in the fridge?

The fridge compressor has a major role in the circulation of the refrigerant in the fridge. In fact its role is to ensure the rise in pressure and temperature of the gas which enters its circuits. It is the role of the piston in particular to carry out this action, a bit like a bicycle pump (increase in air pressure leading to a rise in temperature). Depending on needs, the compressor will allow low pressure, medium pressure or high pressure refrigeration. Directly linked to your fridge's thermostat, it is triggered as soon as the temperature increases and exceeds the threshold you have set. The high pressure gas it releases reaches the condenser which transforms it into cold liquid form. This refrigerant liquid travels through the fridge to the capillary tube. The latter makes the connection with the fridge evaporator, which, under low pressure, will lower the temperature and transform the liquid into gas. This gas returns to the refrigerator compressor for a new cycle. If your compressor malfunctions, your entire refrigeration system is affected.

Frost and freeze compressor

The compressor plays a major role due to its direct link with the thermostat. It is truly he who launches the process of creating cold or freezing. If communication between these parts is poor, this can lead to the fridge compressor continuing to produce cold once the temperature of the fridge has decreased. This is one of the possible causes of frost creation. This part is also active in the freezing process. The compressor model must then be adapted to the volume of cold to be produced, particularly in negative cold.

My fridge compressor is making noise

Even if your compressor is not designed to be completely silent, its noise level should be stable over time. If you notice that it is starting to be noisy, this is probably a sign of a malfunction. The latter can be located at the level of the piston, the rotor, or the cylinders. The interior of a compressor is in fact made up of numerous parts to ensure the pressurization of the refrigerant gas. If in doubt, it is advisable to plan to replace the compressor at these first signs, in order to avoid a breakdown of your refrigerator.

Find out more about replacing your fridge compressor

Changing a fridge compressor is a common operation for your refrigeration specialist. However, this can seem like a complex operation if you have never done it before. We have an article that details the key steps for changing your compressor in your cold room .