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Technical description :

  • Gas: R600 LBP
  • Voltage: 220/240V
  • Frequency: 50Hz
  • Horsepower: 1/4 HP
  • Displacement: 12.21 cc
  • Non contractual photo

To replace the references:

  • 484000000900 EPMS
  • 244146 EPMS
  • LF3070255 GEV

Ideal for refrigerators and refrigeration equipment:

ARISTON domestic refrigerator
BAUKNECHT domestic refrigerator
  • KVIC28002, KVIC28032
HOTPOINT domestic refrigerator
WHIRLPOOL chest freezer - INDESIT
  • 20RB-D3L2, 3KS20D RCB20, 854908501021 (AFG085OKOH), 854953701010 (AFG537OKOH), 854953701011 (AFG537OKOH), 854954915010 (AFG549CH), 854954915011 (AF G549CH), 854954915012 (AFG549CH), 854955301000 (AFG553CH), 854955301001 (AFG553CH), 854955310000 (AFG553CH) ), 854955310001 (AFG553CH), 854956115000 (WCN178), 854956115001 (WCN178), 854956115002 (WCN178)
WHIRLPOOL domestic refrigerator - INDESIT
  • 854932301060 (AFG323H), 854955201010 (AFG552/H), 854955201011 (AFG552/H), 854955301000 (AFG553/C/H), ARC 1800, ARC 2000, ARC 4170, ARC 41702, ARC 41703, ARC 4178 IX, ARC 4178 IX1 , ARC 4208 IX, ARC 4208 IX1, ARC 7451-1, ARC 7451-11, ARC 7451-12, ARC 7470-AL, ARC 7472, ARC 74726, ARC 7517, ARC 75173, ARC 7517-IS, ARC 7517-IS3 , ARC 7517-IS4, ARC 7518 IS, ARC 7518 IS1, ARC 7518-IX, ARC 7518-IX1, ARC 7550ix, 850141311300 (ARC4139), 850141311320 (ARC4139IX), ARC4170-2-I3, 85056541 1000 (ARC4179A+NFW), 850141711520 (ARC4179IXCAN), 850141901052 (ARC4190/2/IX), 850142011420 (ARC4209IXAQUA), 850142015420 (ARC4209IXAQUA), 850142011520 (ARC4209IXCAN), ARC7453-1 I1, ARC7453-1 I2, ARC7453-1 IS, ARC7472 - I4, ARC7472 - IX, ARC8140-1-I1, ARC8140-1-I9, ARC8140-1-IX, 856446789010 (ART4673), 856446789012 (ART4673), 856446789013 (ART4673), 856446789014 (ART4673), ARZ 740 -S, ARZ 740-W, CFS710S, CLC 28, CLC 282, CLC 31, FTSB36AF20-1, FTSB36AF20-3, GC2010 HNKBS, GC2011HNKBS, GC2027HNKBS, MAL2028GBB, MSS 20 FBB4, MSS 20 FIS4, MSS 20 FSSI3, MSS 20 TBB4, MS S20 FBB4-1, MSS20FBB412 , MSS20FBBI3, MSS20FIS412, S20BRBB20A-1, S20BRBB20A-G, S20BRSB21A-1, S20BRSB21A-G, S20BRSS31A-1, S20BRSS31A-G, S20BRWW20A-1, S20BRWW20A-G, S20BTSB21A-1, S20 BTSB21A-2, S20BTSB21A-G, S20CFWW20A -G, S20DTSB33A-1, S20DTSB33A-2, S20DTSB33A-G, S20ERAA32A-G, TGA 2210 NFW, TGA 2300, WSC5513 A+N, WSC5533 A+S, WSC5541 A+ N, WSC5541 NX, WSC5553 A+X, WSC5555 A +N, WSC5555 A+X, WSF5511 A+N, WSF5552 A+N1, WSF5552 A+NX, WSF5552 N, WSF5552 NX, WSF5574 A+N1, WSN5583 A+ 1, WSN5583 A+ N, WSN5583 A+ , WSX1101K MS, WSX5172 MS, WSX5172K MS, WTE1611 W, WTE1811 W, 850564811000 (WTS4135A+NFW), 850565542000 (WTS4135A+NFW), 850564811040 (WTS4135A+NFX), 8 50565542010 (WTS4135A+NFX)

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