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AKO (AKO Electromecánica SAL), a brand recognized in the food industry for its innovative industrial refrigeration solutions. Specializing in cold rooms, AKO is committed to offering products and services that adapt perfectly to the different production and storage processes linked to the food chain.

AKO's R+D+i department offers constantly evolving solutions, meeting the needs of all phases of the food industry, from production to sale of food.

The cold chain is of paramount importance in the food industry. AKO therefore offers applied solutions in this area to guarantee the state of conservation of food throughout its journey, from its reception to its service, including storage and processing. The objective is to protect public health by guaranteeing food in an optimal state of conservation, while ensuring optimal conditioning of products throughout the cold chain.

To control temperature and humidity in the food industry, AKO offers solutions that prevent water loss in foods, maintain their freshness, and ensure optimal maturation of cheeses and cold meats. , and extend the life of perishable foods. Maintaining an optimal level of air humidification is an essential factor in preserving food and preserving its quality.

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