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Refrigerated Showcase: For optimal presentation and storage of your products

The refrigerated display case is the essential asset for an impeccable presentation of your products while maintaining an ideal temperature for their freshness. Generally used to allow your customers easy access to the cold products of their choice, you can also use them in the kitchen or in refrigerated storage space. They can also complement your sales counter.

At Pieces Détachées Frigo, we offer a wide selection of used refrigerated display cases, available in different sizes and configurations, to meet the specific needs of your business. You can opt for a model with sliding doors or a classic opening, in order to best adapt to your sales space. Because the needs are not the same in butchery, catering, food,... the capacity varies from one model to another, as well as the arrangement of the shelves, so that you can opt for a perfectly adapted model. Some models offer cold bins.

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A reconditioned refrigerated display case: combine Quality and Competitive Prices

Faithful to our commitment to reconciling responsible approach and economic advantage, the models offered are used refrigerated display cases, reconditioned and verified.

We understand the importance of the proper functioning of your refrigeration equipment for the preservation of your products. This is why we certify you with a quality stainless steel refrigerated display case, relying on the professionalism of an expert in the sector. Wearing parts are replaced and the products are guaranteed for 6 months. The qualities of the glass part and the seals are also inspected to ensure good temperature maintenance.

The display window lighting (for models with lighting) is also a specific point of attention. The LED system is generally used (less energy consuming and allowing optimal lighting of products displayed through glass doors or glass openings).

The products offered are all controlled and guarantee a constant and reliable temperature for your food and drinks. Refrigerated display cases are available in different sizes, from the most compact to the most spacious, with adjustable shelves to maximize your storage space.

Get your refrigerated display case at the best price today

Whether you need a refrigerated display case to display food, drinks or other products, we have the right solution for you. View our full range of refrigerated display cases today and choose the one that best suits your storage and display needs.

Delivery of your refrigerated display case is free. The models presented are all in stock with our partner. Depending on the display model, your product is available and delivered between 4 to 14 weeks. As these are reconditioned display cases, each stock is unique. Currently there are more models with sliding doors, but you can also find our refrigerated cabinets with hinged doors.

Our customer service is at your disposal to answer all your questions and guide you in your choice. Don't miss the opportunity to showcase your products while keeping them fresh and delicious. In particular, check the width and height of exhibition available to install your display case.

Opt for a professional and efficient solution with a Tefcold, Seda, Atosa, Métro refrigerated display case ... Contact our customer service for any questions or need for specifications.

What is the price range of a quality used refrigerated display case?

The price of a used static or ventilated refrigerated display case is on average 20 to 30% lower than the new model. Of course the price varies depending on the age of the model, its capacity and its condition. In general, the best price for a display case in good condition and a large capacity can be found from €1700. For higher models it is generally between 3 and 4000€.

Choosing the Right Cooling System for Your Refrigerated Display Case

Refrigerated display cases are essential for keeping your products at the ideal temperature while presenting them attractively. One of the crucial choices you will have to make when purchasing a refrigerated display case is that of the cooling system. There are two main cooling systems: ventilated cold and static cold. Which one to choose will depend on your specific needs and the types of products you plan to store.

Static Cold: Economical and Low Noise

The static cooling system is famous for its simplicity and energy saving. It works by cooling the air inside the display case without forced air movement. This means it is quieter than ventilated cold, which can be an advantage in some environments. In addition, static cold has the advantage of not drying out your products. However, it has a major drawback: the temperature inside the display case can vary considerably, which can affect the preservation of certain temperature-sensitive products.

Ventilated Cold: Optimal Conservation and Absence of Frost

The ventilated cooling system uses a fan to circulate cold, dry air inside the display case. This has several significant advantages. First of all, it maintains a constant temperature throughout the display case, thus guaranteeing uniform conservation of your products. Additionally, ventilated cold prevents the proliferation of bacteria, extending the shelf life of food up to three times longer than static cold. Another advantage is the absence of frost formation on the glass, which ensures clear visibility of your products at all times.

Advice for Ventilated Cold

It is important to note that ventilated cold can tend to dry out certain foods, particularly those that are sensitive to dehydration. To remedy this, there are models of refrigerated display cases with compartments specially designed to maintain humidity, which is particularly useful for sensitive products like salads or ingredients. It is also recommended to cover fragile foods to prevent them from drying out.

In summary, the choice between static cold and ventilated cold will depend on your specific needs. Static cooling is economical and quiet, but the temperature can vary. Ventilated cold provides optimal preservation, prevents the formation of frost and extends shelf life, but can dry out certain foods. Now you know more about these two cooling systems to help you make an informed decision for your refrigerated display case.

If you have additional questions or would like to discuss the options available, our team is available to guide you towards the ideal choice based on your needs and products.

Operation and Maintenance of Your Refrigerated Display Case

The refrigerated display case works similarly to a traditional refrigerator, but with a greater adjustment range to meet your specific cold needs for your products. It can be set to maintain a negative or positive temperature depending on what you are storing. The thermostat adjustment lever on your device is usually located at the top and allows you to choose the desired temperature, which you can adjust at any time.

The Defrosting Process

To completely defrost your refrigerated display case, simply turn off the device and wait for the ice and frost to melt naturally. This defrosting process is recommended on a regular basis to ensure proper operation of the appliance and maintain freshness inside. During defrosting, take the opportunity to clean the inside of the refrigerated display case with suitable products to ensure a hygienic environment for your products.

Maintaining Hygrometry

To keep your products in optimal conditions, it is essential to maintain constant humidity inside the refrigerated display case, generally around 70%. This ensures that your food remains fresh and its texture and quality are not altered.