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Fermod: European leader in closure in the refrigeration industry

Fermod offers a complete range of products dedicated to waterproof closures . Handles, latches and hinges for refrigerated doors are designed to offer perfect resistance to both positive and negative cold . Whatever the temperature of your refrigeration installation, you can rely on the references in the Fermod catalog.

Direct access: find in one click all our Fermod references for hinges , handles for refrigerated doors , latches and closures for cold rooms .

Please note: The technical characteristics of Fermod parts must adapt to your equipment. At the bottom of this page you will find various tips for selecting your Fermod handle or hinge depending on the model of your equipment.

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Learn more about the Fermod brand

Both designer and manufacturer, the Fermod brand has established itself in the field as an expert in refrigeration parts and is widely recognized for the quality of its know-how. French manufacturer existing since 1934 and based in Oise, Fermod is a major partner in preserving the sealing of professional kitchens, refrigerated furniture and cold rooms . Fermod is quite simply the leader in fittings and accessories in the refrigeration industry in Europe.

Choose the reference for your Fermod closures and hinges carefully

If you wish to install Fermod hinges or closing handles on your installation, it is important to select the correct references. For a replacement of a spare part of a Fermod reference (standard replacement) we advise you to select exactly the same reference in order to facilitate installation. Retrieve the reference of the part to be replaced and enter it in our store's search engine to access it directly. If you are unable to identify the reference, our teams are here to help.

Generally speaking, closures and hinges work in pairs and depend on the type of installation of your refrigerated doors. There are 4 possibilities: extra-thickness doors, recessed doors, flush doors and two-way doors (in the latter case of course you will not have a handle but only hinges). Be sure to also take into account the opening direction or check that the model is adaptable for left or right opening. The Fermod range also offers optional bioprotection handles, with a treatment which limits the growth of harmful micro-organisms, and adds additional security in terms of hygiene and health protection (particularly in high demand since the Coronavirus epidemic).

The automatic latches are mostly dedicated to extra-thickness gates, except models 560-570 and 571 for small gates and models 651 and 652 with adjustable striker. Most latch models are available in chrome finish (or enameled for some).

Technical diagrams for the installation/replacement of your Fermod part are available to make handling easier.

In addition to closing parts and accessories, Fermod also offers other references from the world of refrigeration, such as strip curtains, sliding doors or food shelving.

If you would like one of these references (Fermoflex, Fermostock, Fermatic), do not hesitate to ask us. The same applies to certain quickly available accessories (beams, pressure balancing valves, etc.)