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The role of the evaporator in a refrigeration system (whether a fridge or a cold room) is to allow the refrigerant liquid to pass from the liquid state to the vapor state. . The refrigerant will absorb thermal energy from the environment and then cool it. The evaporator allows you to cool an area. You can find a wide selection of refrigeration evaporators suitable for your cold room on this section. Concerning cold rooms, evaporators often use finned systems whose spacing between the fins makes it possible to adapt to the required temperature. This point is one of the points to observe (fin pitches are commonly found between 4 and 12 mm). The lower the temperature, the more you will favor large spaces between the fins. Generally 4 or 4.5mm for a temperature between 0 and 20°C, 6 to 8mm for a temperature between -16 and -25°C, 12-16mm between -25 and -35°C.

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