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Technical description :

  • Gas: R134a MBP
  • Voltage: 220/230V
  • Frequency: 50Hz
  • Horsepower: 1/3 HP
  • Engine: CSIR
  • Displacement: 10.10 cc
  • Max. operating temperature 32°C

Adaptable for the brand :

DANFOSS 105G6885

FRIULINOX Refrigerated cabinet:
  • AF1000, AF1000 VTR, AF1000P, AF12-14, AF12-14 VTR, AF12-14 VTRP, AF14, AF6-1, AF6-7, AF6-7 VTR, AF7, AF7 VTR, AF7-14, AF-EN VTR, AF-EN VTR ICE, AF-EN1 VTR, AF-EN1 VTR SILVER, AF-EN1P, AF-EN2, AF-EN2 ICE, AF-EN2 ICE VTR, AF-EN2 SILVER, AF-EN2 SUPER, AF-EN2 SUPER SILVER, AF-EN2P, AF-ENP, AFG1000, AFG1000P, AG60, AG60 GOLD, AG60 H2O, AG60 SILVER, AG60 SILVERP, AG60P, AL-EN SUPER, AL-EN1, AL-EN1 SUPER, AL-EN1P, AL- EN2, AL-EN2 SUPER, AL-ENP, AP12-14, AP14, AP14 -4, AP6, AP6-12, AP6-7, AP7, AP7-14, AR 14 +2 VTR, AR1000, AR12 +12, AR12 +12 VTR, AR12 +2 VTR, AR12 -2, AR12 -2 VTR, AR12 PA, AR12-14, AR12-14 VTR, AR14, AR14 +0 SILVER, AR14 +0 SILVER VTR, AR14 +2, AR14 -2 , AR14 -2 VTR, AR14 PA, AR14 PIZ, AR14 SV, AR6-12, AR6-12 VTR, AR6-7, AR6-7 VTR, AR7, AR7 +0 SILVER, AR7 +0 SILVER VTR, AR7-14, AR7-14 VTR, AR-EN GOLD, AR-EN SILVER, AR-EN VTR, AR-EN VTR SILVER, AR-EN1, AR-EN1 GOLD, AR-EN1 VTR, AR-EN2, AR-ENP, ARF142, ARF142 VTR, ARF212 VTR, ARP1000, ARP142, ARP-EN1, ARP-EN2, ARR212, ARR212 VTR, EN GOLD, EN P, EN SILVER, EN1, EN1 GOLD, EN1 H2O, EN1 H2O SILVER, EN1 SILVER, EN1 VTR, EN2, EN2 H2O
FRIULINOX Cooling cell
  • ABM1, ARP122, ARP212
FRIULINOX Refrigerated display case
  • AE14, AFP122, AFP142, ALM1, APM1, ARCI1, ARCT1, ARF122, ARF212

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