Who are we ?

Extending the lifespan of products contributes to the circular economy

This is why Frigo Spare Parts selects quality spare parts and equipment.

If we are located in Bordeaux it is because there is 1 restaurant for 285 inhabitants! A record which makes Bordeaux the city with the most restaurants per inhabitants. ( see metro ) We are specialized in the world of cold and in particular fridges, cold rooms, ice makers...with the aim of provide quality service to our customers and rapid provision of spare parts used to repair professional equipment and at the same time avoid throwing away what can be repaired.

Repair definition: refurbish – renovate – patch up – renovate – refresh…

Did you know ?

  • 9 out of 10 French people would like to know more about repairs
  • 8 out of 10 French people consider repairs to be a mode of consumption for the future.

1.6 million large household appliances producing cold, such as refrigerators for individuals and professionals, freezers, air conditioning, ice makers, etc. are recycled each year, i.e. 88,000 tonnes of waste.

To repair is to protect:

What if we stopped the waste? About half of the large household appliances thrown away still work or are repairable…

The cold keeps you safe - so do the spare parts!

Frigo Spare Parts started from this observation to offer its private, professional and refrigeration customers a quality of original parts and equipment accompanied by a reliable and efficient service to facilitate repairs and extend the life of the refrigerator. life of your refrigeration equipment.

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